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Roof Repair Services

A damaged roof is not something you should take lightly. If you spot visible damage or notice a leak in your roof, it’s vital that you get things looked at by trained professionals. Here at WL Property Repairs, we perform essential roof repair services for customers across our home county of Warwickshire and the surrounding area. Whatever problem you’re experiencing with your roof, we guarantee we can fix it.

Roof Repair Specialists in Southam and Leamington Spa

No matter what sort of problem you’re having with your domestic roof, you can depend on the team at WL Property Repairs to deal with it. We have decades of experience between us and are quick to spot the fault with your roof and diagnose a way to resolve it. These are just some of the most common roof repairs we encounter:

Missing Slates and Tiles in Southam and Leamington Spa

The most common sort of roof damage is a missing or cracked slate or roofing tile. Several factors can cause this – stormy weather, rotted mortar, animal infestation, impact damage from a falling tree branch, and more. We perform quick tile replacements, finding one that matches the rest of your roof as closely as possible.

Leadwork Repairs in Southam and Leamington Spa

Leadwork is the material that seals the joins between one part of the roof and another, or between the roof and your chimney stack or skylight. This malleable metal creates a perfect, watertight barrier so, if it becomes cracked or damaged, water can get it. We have the tools and experience to repair or replace leadwork quickly and effectively.

Chimney Repairs in Southam and Leamington Spa

Your chimney stack is part of the whole roof system, so still falls under our responsibility to fix. From repairs and repositioning, to flaunching, repointing, and capping, there is so much we can do to ensure your chimney stack is working properly.

Flat Roof Repairs in Southam and Leamington Spa

Here at WL Property Repairs, we specialise in flat roof installations, so it only makes sense that we can handle your flat roof repairs, too. From puncture damage to the sealing membrane, to cracked and missing leadwork and more, we are there to help you with all your flat roof concerns.

Professional Roof Repairs Near You

Wherever you’re based in Warwickshire and the surrounding area, WL Property Repairs can help you. We cover a 25-mile radius around our office in Southam. This takes in most of Warwickshire itself, as well as some outlying regions. These include Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Rugby, Warwick, and beyond. For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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